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Who we are ?

We are a team of more than 30+ full-time dedicated IT Professionals working in the field of Business Development, ICT and ITES segments since last 17 years. We have a robust clientage of more than 1000+ companies from across India and from abroad too. Our working is divided broadly into 3 segments. First is by the brand name of IFW Web Studio, under which we provide services like Website Development, Search Engine Optimization - SEO, E-Commerce, Domains, Hosting Servers, Payment Gateways etc. Our Second segment is our ERP Solution for School, College, University and Business in India, under the brand name of IFW ERP. Our ERP today is successfully implemented at more than 100+ campuses across India. Our third segment is the Digital Marketing Agency wing by the name IFW 360X where we are providing complete 360-degree solutions for Social Media Management, Content Marketing, PAID AD Campaigns, Photography, Videography, Creative Concept Videos, Graphics, Corporate Identity Designs and much more.

How we started ?

IFW Techno Creations Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on 25th February 2008 in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. We were a proprietary business before that by the name of IFW Creations. IFW Creations had officially started its work and operations from 10th November 2004 from the garage room of our founder Karan Garg on his home PC. We started with making small websites and slowly updated the team, our skill set and our clientage to what it is today.


  • » Using Pioneering Technology Solutions.
  • » To Strive for Excellence in Customer Service.
  • » Maintaining Highest Standards of Skills & Creativity.
  • » Keeping Integrity & Honesty in all our dealings and commitments.
  • » To always believe that our success lies in the success of our Clients.
  • » Giving our clients complete value for their investment of time, trust and money with us.
  • » Understanding Social Responsibilities for our team who work with us and Society we work for.


To expand our clientage in all states of India with our ERP Solution of IFW ERP for Educational Vertical and to become a pioneer company in the ICT - Education Sector. We have set an ambitious target of covering 1000 campuses of Schools, Colleges, Universities and Businesses as our clients on IFW ERP very soon.

For our IFW 360X - Digital Marketing Agency wing we have a Mission to serve 100 brands from all over India. Our Website Development Department by the name of IFW Web Studio has a target to cross 1000 websites on our IFW Servers.

Facts & Figures

1000 +


125 +

Successful ERP Implementations

100 +

Digital Marketing Campaigns

30 +

Team Size

15 +

Years Experience

Our Culture & Guiding Principals at IFW

  1. Dream Big, Do Big.
  2. Be Creative and Different, do things in style.
  3. Generate consistent growth for every business; our own & for all our clients.
  4. Keep Speed in Execution. Delay is Deadly.
  5. Always strive for the best quality in our products and services.
  6. Give top-class client service, develop & maintain good relationships.
  7. Regular Performance review and accountability checks internally.
  8. Learn new things & enjoy what we do.
  9. Rewards & Recognitions.
  10. Celebrate Success & Learn quickly from mistakes.
  11. Be Ethical in all our transactions & policies.
  12. Set Goals & Targets and do everything to achieve them with our Team.